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Select Your 123.hp.com Printers

The design of the 123 HP Printers makes printing easy with the mobility features. Find the right 123 hp printer based on the need.

123.hp.com/envy printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Envy Printers

Basically, choose envy printer for small space such as home usage. It offers great print quality with outstanding black and color inks. Check 123.hp.com/envy for more updates.

HP Envy Models

123.hp.com/officejet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Officejet Printers

In the case of office use, go for Officejet printers. It includes fax support with high accuracy. When it comes to official work, Officejet printer is an ideal choice. 123.hp.com/officejet will have detailed information.

HP Officejet Models

123.hp.com/officejet pro printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Officejet Pro Printers

In the first place, Officejet pro printers are a lavish line of printers. It comes with many added benefits for completing professional work. 123.hp.com/ojpro will have the latest drivers.

HP ojpro Models


123.hp.com/deskjet printer setup, install, driver download, wps setup

123 HP Deskjet Printers

Fulfill your printer needs by using the advanced features. You can use the wireless functionalities which is great for home users. Drivers are available in 123.hp.com/deskjet.

HP Deskjet Models

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123.hp.com/setup Printer

step 1: 123 HP Printer Unboxing

  • Before you start 123 hp setup, take away all the tapes and stickers.
  • After removal, clear tapes and stickers to avoid unwanted disturbances.
  • To lift out the printer, hold the sides of 123 HP Printer device carefully.
  • Then, go through the below steps for further unboxing.
  • You also need to remove the stickers from the printer accessories.
  • And then, keep it ready for the HP Printer Setup.
  • Select a flattened surface for fixing your printer. Finally, set the router ready to connect.

Step 3: Installing HP Ink Cartridges

  • Basically, the power cord connection is important for the HP Printer device.
  • Firstly, hold one end of the cable and connect to the rear port of the printer.
  • Then, connect another end to the electric outlet on the wall jack. If you find any difficulty, check 123.hp.com.
  • Next, check the whole power cord connection for safety power supply.
  • After the power connection, the user should adjust the preferences to print files.
  • Finally, switch on the printer device to the active state.
  • Now, you can perform any of the printer functions on your printer device.

step 2: Connect to power Source to 123 HP Printer

  • To begin with, examine the slots for removal of tapes and stickers.
  • Firstly, remove the outer tape from the ink cartridge.
  • Then, gently push the ink cartridges into the slots
  • As soon as you open the cartridge access door, you can see the slots.
  • Now, hold the plastic portion of the ink cartridge.
  • After the cartridge installation, continue to take printouts from the printer device.

Step 4: Loading paper to 123 HP Printer

  • After the above process, check the input tray of 123 HP Printer device.
  • Before inserting the papers to the tray, choose the papers with the same size and type.
  • Then, arrange properly to mount the papers into the tray.
  • Adjust the sides of the papers after loading the papers.
  • The papers should rest against the edge of 123 HP Printer device.
  • Finally, set the preferences according to the user need. Now, attempt to take printouts from the Printer device. hp.com/setup can help with the complete printer setup.

123.hp.com Driver Installtion

123 HP Driver Installtion for Windows

  • Firstly, connect your 123 HP printer module to the optimum range of power supply.
  • It will help for trouble-free HP printer setup.
  • Further, obtain the sturdy network connectivity.
  • On the other hand, use the web page hp.com for getting the printer driver.
  • Now, tap driver and software option to get the list of drivers.
  • If you cannot figure out the driver, move to the manual method. The drivers are also available in hp.com/driver.
  • Now, click on Download option after selecting the driver.
  • For effective printing, choose the full-featured driver.
  • As a final point, start to install the 123 HP driver.
  • With that, you will get the desired outputs.

123 HP Print Setup

In order to get the quality and high-resolution printing, complete the hp print setup. It brings out the innovation in printing through an effortless and smart move.

123 HP Copy Setup

Enhance the copy process with the HP copy setup. You can achieve great copies with advanced features. Do it by simply setting the important features.

123 HP Scan Setup

Be ready to place their document or images on the flatbed scanning bed. Then, hit the Scan option for improving the resolution quality.


123.hp.com features support

123 HP ePrint Setup

Online printing made simple via email through ePrint setup. It is a web-enabled for superior quality printing. The only need is network access.

123 HP Airprint Setup

AirPrint is an approved printing solution for Apple users. It improves the printing efficiencies with the simple 123 HP printer setup.

123 HP Cloud Print Setup

For Google users, HP recommends Cloud Print Service. Link your printer to the cloud account and start printing. The mobility feature support is available in 123.hp.com.

support.hp.com Wireless Setup

123 HP Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Initially, establish a strong wireless connection on windows.
  • Now, check the printer’s home screen to find the wireless option.
  • Then, swipe down to the below option to choose the Wireless menu.
  • After that, visit the network option to find the available networks.
  • Next, you need to edit the required wireless settings.
  • If required, move the devices closer to each other.
  • Based on the requirement, edit the wireless network settings.
  • Choose the wireless network setup on the HP Printer device.
  • Continue to choose a file on the windows. Finally, try to take printouts from the printer device.

123 HP Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Now, check the Mac OS version before you start the wireless setup on Mac. Then, decide the connection method based on the Mac version. Straightway, go to the hp.com/setup for wireless setup steps.
  • The most important thing is to download and install advanced HP Printer software.
  • To begin with, choose the Apple menu. Then, click on the desired option from the list.
  • Next, select the system preferences option from it.
  • Soon, gather the required information regarding the router.
  • Configure the safe and secure wireless network by entering manually.
  • Edit the network settings and then turn on the router. Wait until you get the wireless network connection.
  • Once you complete the wireless network connection, try to take printouts.

123 HP Platform Support

To print from all platforms, you need a complete setup and installation process. Now, validate the OS and continue with the steps. The use with several platforms helps the users to stay reliable. Your device can organize with the latest updates and features.

Basically, Windows OS is a user-friendly interface for lots of users. It lets the user enjoy a number of features through the setup process. Refer 123.hp.com to find compatible Windows version

Generally, Mac is another platform version for printing the files effortlessly. Align the settings on your iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. Then, start printing.

Firstly, check the Android version to enhance printing from Android devices. To begin with, connect the smartphone with the printer device. Finally, modify the settings.

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123 HP USB Setup
    • Check hp.com/setup to find the hp printer USB setup procedure.
    • Before you establish the connection, make sure your devices are active.
    • On your computer, download software for your printer and install it appropriately.
    • During the installation process, specify the connection type as USB Connection.
    • Meanwhile, plug in the USB cable to 123 HP printer and the computer.
    • Then, wait until the printer detects the USB Cable.
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123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

While executing the works or tasks, your printer device may face a few issues. The minor issues are solvable. Occasionally, it occurs due to the connectivity faults or printer preferences changes made. Your printer will work in a normal way once you fix the issue.

123 HP Ink Cartridge Issues

  • To resolve the issues that happen on the ink cartridges, follow the steps explained below:
  • Initially, check if the ink cartridges are genuine from the HP. If not, replace the cartridges with genuine HP ink cartridges.
  • Secondly, remove the cartridges from the carriage. Then, check the slots where you insert it.
  • Then, check if the slots are clean and free from the leaked ink.
  • Additionally, clean the slots and carriage contacts with a smooth cloth carefully.
  • Turn off the printer and turn it again. Allow it to reset its preferences made initially.
  • If the problem still continues, find the faulty cartridge and fix the issue. If not, buy a new cartridge and use it.
  • Later, try printing your favorite image or document. At last, see if the print copy is clean and clear with the ink.

123 HP Scan Quality Issues

  • To eliminate the scan issues, follow the steps explained below:
  • Before you try to resolve the issue, make sure there is no issue with printing. Then, check if the printer works fine.
  • Without causing any damage, open the scanner lid and clean the scanner glass.
  • Meanwhile, reset the printer with the default preferences.
  • Then again, turn on and see if the scanner works properly on the printer.
  • If not, check the automatic document feeder rollers and clean.
  • Based on the OS used, change the scan settings on either Windows or Mac computer. Confirm the resolution, color palette, and other settings.

123 HP Wireless network issues

  • Firstly, power up the wireless adaptor to get the network connection. Now, try connecting to the network.
  • If you find any error, reinstall the network adaptor driver.
  • Next, choose the device manager option from the computer to open it.
  • Move the cursor and right-click on the network adapter. Then, select uninstall and click on OK.
  • Go to hp.com/setup, and enter the model number to find the compatible network driver.
  • To begin with, click on Download to download it. Subsequently, right click on the network adapter and click on Update driver software.
  • Try resetting the wireless network’s hardware to proceed. Turn off the printer device and reboot it. While rebooting, and perform a hardware reset.
  • Lastly, try changing the device location. Maintain minimum distance between the devices. And then, try connecting to the network.

123 HP Printer is not Found During the Installation

  • Initially, have a look at the power cable connection of the devices. Ensure the secure connection ceaseless working.
  • Next, reboot the printer, computer, and the router. Then, pull out the connecting cables and plug them in the correct ports.
  • Meanwhile, check the printer software installed on the computer is compatible. If not, follow the procedures to reinstall the printer software.
  • Now, open the Programs and Features option on the computer. Thereafter, click on the HP printer’s name and uninstall it.
  • Afterward, restart the computer after uninstalling.
  • Go to the hp.com for downloading the driver. Thereupon, click on the printer’s name.
  • Consequently, select the correct operating system and download the software.
  • Finally, reinstall the printer software on the computer. If you can find the printer during the installation, then there is no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can find my Computer IP address?

To begin with, open the Printers and Fax option on the computer. Now, right-click on the printer’s name and choose the properties. Expand the first column on the ports tab to see the IP address.

How to clean my printhead?

Firstly, load the paper on the tray. Then, long press the power button on the control panel. Now, cancel the process twice and resume it once. Release the power button once resumed.

How to connect via WiFi direct?

On your printer, click on the wireless direct option. Get your network name and password. Then, connect the mobile device to the wireless network. Switch on the Wifi direct if it is not active.

How to Manage Factory reset?

On the control panel, hit the Setup option. Now, go to the wireless setup wizard. Then, select the home network from the list. Get a connection by providing the password and connect it

Can I connect 123.hp.com printer to wireless network?

Firstly, turn off the device and plug out the power cables. Wit for 30 seconds, then reconnect the cables and turn on. Press and hold the Resume option. You need to hold it until the light turns on.